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What Can GreyHawk Drone Do For You?

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Re-shaping the Future with Aerial Multispectral and Soil Moisture Integrity

GreyHawk Drone captures high resolution multispectral images when it comes to the health and vigor of your turf.  Soil sensors provide our ground truths and provide us with information about over and under watering, rather than assuming that your 15th hole needs more water because the grass is brown.  Our approach to golf and sports field turf is to find a solution to exactly what type of attention is needed.  Examining through high resolution maps with calibrated multispectral sensors is when a partnership with GreyHawk Drone doesn’t just offer you an eye in the sky and boots on the ground, but complete turf analysis. You’ll benefit from access to a dashboard of personalized information that allows you to look back at past trends and plan ahead for the future. We call this turf surgery: identify areas of interest, analyze, diagnose, and treatment.  

Leveraging a decision base on assumption is misleading...thinking the end result will appear.  The risk to lead a decision based on data with few assumptions creates CHANGE.   -- GreyHawk

Services tailored to your needs 

We are pleased to offer a selection of different services that you can choose from to best suit your budget and your needs.  

Turf management applications

Don’t fall behind on this incredible tool for golf course management. Our technology also has far-reaching potential in areas of other sports turf management. Whatever your turf analysis needs are, we believe you’ll find GreyHawk stands apart in the world of turfgrass science.